Awesome Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Release Weekend Sealed Events!

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Adventures in the Forgotten Realms looks like an AWESOME set! To celebrate it's release, we'll be doing some sealed events during release weekend! We'll be doing a two-headed giant event, a midnight event, and more! All you need is to register and you'll be all set to play too, which is what makes sealed so AWESOME!

Preregistration is required to play in these events, as spots are extremely limited.

-Please wear a mask at all times while in the store
-Do not touch other players' cards
-Wash your hands frequently. Hand sanitizer will be provided
-If you have symptoms of COVID-19, do not come to the event, even if you are preregistered. Please advise us prior to the event if you are presenting symptoms or can no longer attend for whatever reason, and we will reimburse your entry
-Respect all other guidelines that the tournament organizer will provide during the event

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