Throne of Eldraine Booster Box Store Pickup (includes Collector Booster & Buy-A-Box Promo) - Releases September 27th

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Have you ever wondered what happens when the tales from the Brothers Grimm come to King Arthur's court? With Throne of Eldraine, the wait is over and we will experience Magic's spin on classic fairy tales.

Throne of Eldraine makes opening boosters a greater thrill than ever. They're loaded with beautiful and collectible new card treatments: Borderless Planeswalkers similar to the Mythic Edition, Extended Art Frames similar to the UMA Box Toppers & Showcase Frames new to Throne of Eldraine.

Each Throne of Eldraine Booster Box contains 36 Throne of Eldraine Booster Packs. Each Booster Pack contains 15 Throne of Eldraine cards (including 1 Rare or Mythic Rare card, 3 Uncommons cards, 10 Common cards, and 1 Basic Land card).

*** The Throne of Eldraine Booster Box Store Pickup includes the Throne of Eldraine Buy-A-Box Promo however is not eligible for the Awesome Price Guarantee. ***

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