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Précommandez Modern Horizons 3 maintenant!
Précommandez Modern Horizons 3 maintenant!


Epic Roll

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The Kingdom of Wanes has come under attack from the Lich and his undead legions, consuming farms and villages in a ceaseless wave of destruction. Word has spread of a massive reward to the hero slaying the Lich, sending dozens of intrepid adventurers storming into the marshes, only to have their faces rudely chewed off by the Lich’s hordes. Now, only three mighty heroes remain. Each player takes the role of one of these heroes, battling their way through fearsome monsters as they race to be the first to defeat the Lich and claim the reward.

Epic Roll combines press-your-luck mechanics with elements of a classic RPG dungeon-crawl in a portable, fast-paced board game. The Basic Rules allow new players to jump straight into the action, and are perfect for casual and younger gamers. Epic Roll's Veteran Rules add more depth and counter-play, with players gaining access to their hero’s unique abilities and enhanced effects provided by playing treasure cards in combinations. Choose your hero, ready your dice, and prepare for adventure!